Here are some common questions we’ve received about VIP FITNESS POSTERS.

How big are the posters?

Posters are created at 18″ X 24″. We can also set up the poster at a smaller size image, too.

What is a turn-around time to get this?

Turn-around time always depends on how many we are currently working on. Usual turn-around time would be 2-3 days.

Do you mail the poster to me? How does it work?

We do not ship the poster to you. We send you a digital file which you can get printed at any Staples or Kinkos for a very reasonable price. This avoids a shipping charge, the risk of it being damaged in the mail, and also, you can print as many copies as you want.

Do I get to pick the image(s) I want to use?

Of course! We create all of the posters and Instagram graphics for MUSCLE CONTEST and we have access to all of their professional photos. For your poster to turn out great, you would need to supply us with a high resolution photo to work with.

How many images do I get to use in a poster?

There is one MAIN image that is the focal point of the poster. Depending on which poster design you want to use, we use a second image ghosted in the background. If you like the poster design that features two images, we can do that too, but there is an additional charge to do the work on the second featured image.

I want to give this as a gift for someone. How do I do that?

The person would’ve needed to purchase the high-resolution package from MUSCLE CONTEST, or you must have high-resolution images for us to use. If you know the person purchased their photos, we can access the MUSCLE CONTEST photo library and we can create the poster without them knowing. We would work closely with you on this to create the ultimate surprise and keepsake!

I'm overseas and not part of the NPC or the IFBB. Can I still purchase a poster?

Of course! You can be a part of any organization and anywhere in the world; the most important part of producing posters like these is the ability to use professional high-resolution photos. Stage photos are obviously the best. If in doubt, contact us and we’ll have you send us your photo so we can see the quality and let you know.

Do you offer any other kind of merchandise?

As a matter of fact, I am looking into being able to offer custom-designed shorts for athletes. More details on that to come.

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