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Created For The Amateur Fitness Competitor

If you’re part of the NPC and/or follow Muscle Contest – either through Instagram, Facebook, or visit their website, then you’ve seen our work. We are responsible for all NPC and IFBB Muscle Contest Show Posters as well as all Instagram graphics featuring NPC amateur fitness competitors as well as IFBB Pro fitness competitors. There’s nothing we can’t create!

The idea behind VIP Fitness Posters is to give all amateur fitness competitors (as well as Pro fitness competitors) the opportunity to have something truly special for them self as a way of commemorating all of the hard work they put into getting ready to compete in a Muscle Contest show. We like to think of it as, rewarding yourself with a special gift!

John Gleneicki, the man behind VIP Fitness Posters, has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. He is the creator of the MUSCLEHEDZ cartoon series, which made its first appearance in FLEX and Muscle & Fitness in 1993. John is also a One-Man Ad Agency and he regularly works with fitness and nutritional companies to help build their brands, create new products, and increase their marketing and online sales.

If you’ve looked at what we are currently offering, but you have an idea for something completely different than what’s available to choose from, we can certainly do it so send us an email and we can discuss your ideas and give you estimated pricing and turn-around time.

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