This poster design features one main image of yourself in black & white with a solid black background. We convert your hi-resolution image into a high-contrast black and white image.

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You’ve sacrificed and worked extremely hard to compete in a fitness show – so, why not capture this moment in time with a custom poster? VIP Fitness Posters can take the best photo(s) of you in contest shape and assemble a poster showcasing YOU that will blow you away!

This sleek and elegant black and white poster design features one main image over a black background and is perfect for the person who wants something clean and artistic to show off their contest condition.

VIP Fitness Posters is a creation of John Gleneicki, the man behind all of the MUSCLE CONTEST graphic work you see on their website and on Social Media. From their posters promoting their MUSCLE CONTEST Shows, to their daily Instagram posts, John’s style is crisp, clean, bold, and electric!

To get the best poster possible, it’s recommended that you use the photos that were taken of you on stage by the professional photographers. The lighting is great in those photos and will give you the best quality possible.

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